Photo Album
Here are some wonderful pictures of puppies we bred many with their new families.The gorgeous male w/ball is Elijah, Bo's son at 10 months and 106 lbs! Female is ABBEY she found ball underwater trial in 8 5 months.Going search and rescue.Joe Von Straus x Heavenly Shadow
Elijah a look-alike son of
Bocephus around 10 months old

A Bo  son going to Susanville. Happy
B-Day 2006

The very talented  Abbey. Top Search and Rescue dog beating the best in the country. She has also gone through her Protection Training.  A pup from Joe Von Strausx Our Heavenly Shadow.
Two Bocephus sons Elijah is on the right

Congratulations to a beautiful  Amethyst  owned by Missy Jackson who bought her at one week of age and has trained her so well capturing her Service Dog Certificate at one year of age!!